Breast Milk Jewelry

Capture the unique connection between mother and child

Lovely memories of nursing time enclosed in elegant jewelry.

Jasmin Design is Finnish goldsmithing company specialized in high quality memorabilia keepsakes. We manufacture unique pendants, rings, bracelets etc. containing the most precious memories such as breast milk, baby´s first tooth, hair etc.

We have developed a special method where breast milk is stored in resin to provide a unique milk-white jewel and use only high quality precious metals (925 sterling silver or 14k and 18k white, yellow and red gold).

General information

Breast milk keepsake can be made from fresh milk as well as frozen milk. Keepsake from frozen milk will usually
be slightly lighter.

Ca. 2 tablespoons of milk is needed for the process.

All silver pendants include 45 cm diamond cut silver chain. Jewellery also has the option of hand-carving behind a jewel or on a separate silver plate. Ask price information for
longer carvings separately.

We do not recommend the Breast milk ring for everyday use, for example, as a wedding ring. Although the Breast milk stone is hard material, it is comparable to, for example, pearls or opals that scratch in harder use. Pendants and earrings can not get scratched like rings.

The color may vary depending on the color / grease of the milk and the stone may contain small milk / resin bubbles because of the way it is manufactured. Each Breast milk stone is therefore unique.

The breast milk keepsake may slightly change its tone over time, it is characteristic of the resin.

How to order

You can order the desired jewellery directly from our online store which is located on left side at "ÄM-korut®.

If you want quotation for unique breast milk keepsake please contact us by email at or contact form at "Ota yhteyttä".

After ordering you will receive an order confirmation. We will send you instructions via e-mail and a timetable for delivery of milk within a few business days (Please remember to check your spam if instructions are not received in this time). The keepsake will be finished about 2 weeks after I receive milk.

Delivery cost outside Finland is 10 eur.

Take care of your keepsake

Breast milk keepsake can be cleaned with a mild detergent solution. After that it needs to be rinsed and dried well. The silver parts can be cleaned, for example, with a silver cleaning cloth.

Hairspray or fragrances can damage the keepsake. You should avoid using jewellery when swimming or sleeping. Detergents, chemicals and high temperatures can strain the materials. Do not store jewelry in direct sunlight.